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Mount Finlayson is a 419 m (1,375 ft) mountain located on the border of Highlands and Langford, British Columbia, about 14 km northwest of Victoria. It is located within the Gowlland Range (part of the Vancouver Island Ranges). It is bordered by Goldstream Provincial Park and Gowlland Tod Provincial Park and forms an imposing feature looming above Saanich Inlet for those travelling south on the Malahat Drive portion of Highway 1. A steep trail leading up to the summit is easily accessible from Goldstream Park.

The trail on the south side is a 2.1km hike up a continuous steep climb through loose rock to rooty ground, then to short steep rock climbs. The trail has markers along the way to indicate where you should go. Unless you are experienced and know the area well, you should stick to the trail. There are also several signs asking people to stay on the the trail in certian areas because of enviromental recovery. 

It is a fully enjoyable hike up and down the south side. You will want to go early to avoid the crowds though.

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