Witchcraft Lake To Mt. Benson Summit


Witchcraft Lake is in Naniamo, accessable from Benson view Rd. The trail itself is not an easy task. A little over 4km on the straight route to the summit. There are two view points on the way where you can take in the views of Naniamo, some of the gulf islands to Duncan and to the north as far as Campbell River. On a clear day you can easily see across to the mainland and the amazing mountian ranges will show their true magnificence!

There is a lot of climbing involved up the steep slope to the trail network of the park itself. The parks trails cover the top of the mountain. The trail I took was the most direct route to the top. A steady climb all the way! When you think you've climbed enough, there is more to climb! It is exhilerting and very rewarding when you do finally get to the top!


  • Submitted by: Ron Mac Quarrie on 06/09/2019
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