• May 20, 19
  • Ron Mac Quarrie

Amy is an avid hiker around the southern mainland of British Columbia. You can follow Amy's adventures on her YouTube channel. She offers with helpful tips on navigating the trails and gives details of the conditions as she explores the trail.

Anif Peak & Mt Mulligan are located up at Squamish BC. You would need a 4x4 with clearance vehicle on the Manquam FSR to get you to the trailhead. Lucky that we had GPS track, no problem finding where this hike is located. We had parked at the 1000 meter mark and started hiking in. That's where the snow line starts. Depends if your vechicle can make it all the way to the trailhead, to hike the 2 mountains would be around 8 km round-trip. If can't make it to the trailhead your hike would be longer in distance.

Anif Peak - 1645 meters from sea level. Rated as intermediate/difficult. Few sections are steep & route navigating require. Nice 360 views of the Squamish range mountains.

Mt Mulligan - 1534 meters from sea level. Rated as intermediate. The summit dont views of the mountains the trees are blocking the views.