• Mar 03, 18
  • Ron Mac Quarrie

InnerBark Outdoors bring us a How To video on how to tie seven essential knots that we should all know. Knowing how to tie proper knots for different tasks is important. Especially when climbing, boating and tying things down. 

The knots covered in this video are;

  1. Square Knot (Reef Knot)
  2. Clove Hitch (Builder's Hitch
  3. Tied in a bight, and at an end)
  4. Sheet Bend (And Double Sheet Bend)
  5. Bowline (Tied two ways)
  6. Figure 8 loop (Tied 3 ways)
  7. Round Turn + Two 1/2 Hitches Taut-Line Hitch

So, let's get knotty and watch the video!